Monday, 29 July 2013

Freescale Cup 2013 Malaysia Hosted in Multimedia University

A total of 35 teams from 21 universities from all over Malaysia were competing in Freescale Cup 2013, hosted in Dewan Tun Canselor, Multimedia University on 20 July 2013 (Saturday). The Freescale Cup is a competition of a team of University students to build a model car that will race for speed around an unknown track with various obstacles. This year, participants have to program a FRDM-KL25Z: Freescale Freedom Development Board with Freescale Cup Shield to interface with camera and motors to intelligently follow a black line on the track.

Students from Multimedia University Cybertron Club have volunteered to help the organizer laying out the racing tracks. They were also helping in the preparations the day before the event.

MMU Vice President of Academic Prof. Dr. Ong Duu Sheng received a token of appreciation giving to MMU for sponsoring the venue for the event. From the comments of the organizer and participants from other universities, it is a great venue and gives a very pleasing experience.

Swinburne University won the first place with a cash prize of RM5000 with their outstanding car speed. They will join the Global Freescale Cup challenge held at Harbin, China, August 22-24 this year. University Malaysia Sabah and Monash University won the second (RM3000) and third place (RM1500) respectively.

MMU Cyber 1 from Multimedia University (Ms. Shameeny Raj A/P Siva Raj, Ms. Asuvani A/P D. Vasudhevan, Ms. Stephanie A/P Anthony Louis) has won the Best Design Award, a cash prize of RM500 with their unique Batman-inspired design. Spectators especially young kids were seems excited whenever this car was racing in the track.

All three MMU teams, MMU Cyber 1, MMU Cyber 2 (Mr. Yap Hon Shin, Mr. Heng Jia Wei, Mr. Ling Eng Han) and MMU Cyber 3 (Mr. Morteza Ozlati Moghadam, Mr. Mohamad Mahdi Saemi, Mr. Nima Shokohfar) under the advisory of Mr. Yap Wen Jiun and Mr. Lo Yew Chiong from Faculty of Engineering successfully completed the preliminary round to qualify for the final round joining the other 19 teams. All MMU teams then proceed to complete the more challenging final round and the fastest car among them, MMU Cyber 3 did give a good challenge to the top three teams with a just a few seconds slower.


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