Monday, 3 October 2011

MMU Cyber in The Freescale Cup Malaysia 2011 in KLCC

The Freescale Cup Malaysia Race is a competition of a team of University students to build a model car that will race for speed around an unknown track with various obstacles. The students have to program a Freescale microcontroller to interface with sensors such as Infrared receiver or camera to intelligently following a black line on the track.

The information of the competition:
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (in conjunction with PECIPTA 2011)
Date: 14 - 15 September 2011

From Freescale Cup 2011
Multimedia University, Faculty of Engineering has sent a team of two engineering undergraduate students with a team name of "MMU Cyber" to participate and here is the result:

Qualifying round

No problem in the qualifying round albeit a bit slow.

Night Drifter Challenge

"MMU Cyber" did not complete the Night Drifter Challenger and please check the video for the reason.

Day Dragger Challenge

"MMU Cyber" did not complete the Day Dragger Challenger and please check the video for the reason.

Finally at the end, "MMU Cyber" finally finishes the Day Dragger Challenger track but that's was after the competition has ended. This was just to prove themselves and prepare for the next Freescale Cup!

The official summary video

There are additional awards such as "Best Design" and every car has to be displayed and judged but "MMU Cyber" really has no time to prepare for this.
From Freescale Cup 2011

Even though "MMU Cyber" did not get a good result but this is a good start and I do love the "MMU Cyber" car, don't you?
From Freescale Cup 2011

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