Sunday, 6 March 2011

Enable Apps Side-loading in Dell Streak Froyo AT&T ROM

I have recently updated my Dell Streak via the official OTA update to Froyo, bad experience though. Of couse, the AT&T ROM will hide the option for side-loading an application.   
The previous method to overcome this is to dial "*#*#307#*#*" which will then install the Dell Streak Engineering applications including "EMList". The EMList application has the option to enable the option "Unknown sources".   
But the 2.2 update has made the installation of EMList not as easy as before. The installation via "*#*#307#*#*" seems to require a "PASSPORT" in SD card. 
However, thanks to various Dell Streak forum (I am not sure who is the original source), the installation of EMList still can be done, but now requires ADW.Launcher.  Once ADW.Launcher is installed and started, go to the home screen and add a "Custom shortcut". The reason to use ADW.Launcher is for the "Custom shortcut" option, which is not available in the default launcher.   
Add an Activity and look for EMList and choose the EMListInstaller.
Click on the newly created EMList icon and it will briefly show a blank screen indicating the installation of EMList application. 

Now look for the EMList application in the launcher and launch it. 
Scroll until the end and select "App Security".
Enable the "Update Unknown Resource Property".
Now go to settings and the "Unknown sources" will be available under "Application".


itgazebo04 said...

great tutorial dude!! finally i got my streak installed with non market app , do you have any idea about rooting phone??

Yap Wen Jiun said...

I heard the most reliable way is via SuperOneClick (not sure which version), some people success, some people fail, so I think I will wait a bit more.

Jesse said...

I can't see activities after I download adw.launcher

Yap Wen Jiun said...

After you download and install ADW.Launcher, pressing home will let you choose among the home applications in your Dell Streak, choose ADW.Launcher and continue with adding the custom shortcut on any home screen.

If pressing home doesn't give you a selection, then you probably need to clear the default by going into "Settings" -> "Applications" -> "Manage Applications" -> Choose "Running" and clear the defaults of your default "Home" (probably Dell Stage).

Lin bud said...

I have a samsung captivate froyo 2.2 I download the adw launcher and follow every direction..but the Emlist wasnt on the

Wen Jiun Yap said...

This instructions only work on Dell Streak 5. Search for device specific instructions