Monday, 11 October 2010

AT&T Dell Streak working with Celcom and Maxis Prepaid

I ordered an Unlocked Dell Streak 5 inch Tablet on eBay on 23 August 2010 at a price of $675.99 plus a shipping fees of $69.99 (The total becomes $745.98 = RM2396.33). After a long wait (almost a month), it finally arrived on 28 September.

In the first layer of the box, there are Quick Start Guide, Dell Streak itself, metallic back cover and 1530 mAh Li-Po battery

In the second layer of the box, there are warranty and information cards, USB charging/data cable, AC Plug pins (US Style), AC Plug, pouch and earphone

After putting in my Maxis Hotlink prepaid SIM card, installing the battery and starting the phone, I was shocked with the message "Network Locked: This device is locked to your service provider. Do you want to enter a network unlock code?". Since what I bought should be an Unlocked Dell Streak, I quickly emailed the eBay seller from USA and to my surprise I got his response right way even his time was around midnight. I have to send him the IMEI number of the phone (dial *#06#) and after a few more hours, I obtained the 8 digit unlocked code and I finally saw MY MAXIS on my home screen.

What I like the most:
The 5 inch screen size is really suitable to browse the Internet and to watch videos. Most of the time I changed the user agent to Desktop as it actually gives better experiences compare to user agent as Android.

What I don't like:

1. The default Android version is only 1.6 Donut and therefore there is no multi-touch pinch and zoom in Google Map, there is no Live Wallpaper etc.

2. There is no 3G access for either Maxis or Celcom and the most I can get is EDGE.

3. There is no way to install external application as the option "Unknown sources" is missing from the Settings. This can be easily fixed but it will be elaborated in another post.

4. After the metallic back cover has been slotted in, it has to be pushed with some force so that it becomes tight with the body. If  it is uncovered, the phone will be shutdown. I have experienced twice the phone shutdown inside my pocket since I was relatively more gentle in handling the phone initially and it is not being pushed hard enough.

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Marvin Lee said...

Nice! Please elaborate how to install Unknown Sources apps? :)