Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Design and Development of a Cost Effective Wiimote-Based Multi-Touch Teaching Station

A paper in Information Technology Journal Volume 9, Issue 3

Authors: S.N. Cheong, W.J. Yap and M.L. Chan

Abstracts: With the innovative use of Wiimote controller, this study developed a cost effective universal multi-touch teaching station that is able to run both standard educational collaborative software such as Classroom presenter and the customized Multi-touch teaching module that supports fingers’ gesture controls on teaching materials. The combinational use of advanced modern computer like tablet PC and multi-touch tabletop together with educational collaborative software as teaching tools to enhance the delivery of teaching materials is gaining popularity in universities recently, as it brings positive improvements to the classroom. The advanced hardware allows instructor to electronically hand-write notes easily, while the educational collaborative software fosters an active participatory classroom environment among students and instructor. With customized multi-touch application, instructors can interact with teaching materials more naturally through fingers’ gesture controls on the teaching station. However, to acquire such an advanced teaching tools requires huge amount of investments and therefore most of the universities in developing countries do not have the opportunity to leverage on such effective tool. Hence, in this study, we reported an innovative application of Wiimote to create a cost-effective universal multi-touch teaching station that is able to operate with standard educational collaborative software like Classroom Presenter as well as customized Multi-touch Teaching Module that supports fingers’ gesture controls on teaching material. This multi-touch teaching station can be used as an alternative to the expensive commercially available teaching tools of similar features for instructors and students in a budgeted environment. Therefore, in Multimedia University, the Wiimote-based multi-touch teaching station was designed and developed for instructors and students and it costs only a fraction of the commercially available teaching tools that are of similar features.

Full paper available at Science Alert.


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