Monday, 18 January 2010

Light Touch - Holographic Laser Projection + Multitouch IR Optical Sensor

Light Blue Optics unveils Light Touch - an interactive projector that turns any flat surface into a touch screen.

The device runs Windows CE and the applications are developed with Adobe Flash Lite 3.1. There are two major technologies in this device that make it works:

1. Holographic Laser Projection - Light Blue Optics's own display technology is the outcome of their extensive research, check their publications. The projection technology can satisfy the key requirements of small physical size, low cost, low power consumption, a robust implementation, high resolution, high brightness, low speckle, eye safe, large depth of focus and wide projection angle by exploiting the physical process of 2D diffraction to form video images, which no longer block the incident light (amplitude modulate).

2. Multitouch IR Optical Sensor - this touch sensing technology is not new as it reminds me of the old infrared virtual keyboard. The concept should still be the same which an infrared source is illuminated onto a horizontal plane and fingers touching any point on the plane will reflect the infrared light to the IR optical sensor. The algorithms to capture the infrared light, transform the touch location to coordinate, perform the tracking of the touch location and translate the touches to a particular gesture should be similar to the research works found in Natural User Interface (NUI) Group.

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