Monday, 5 October 2009

Flapping Wing Flying Surveillance Robot

"Low Cost Flapping-Wing Surveillance Robot" is the title for one of the proposed Final Year Project (FYP) for Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University Session 2009/2010. The project is inspired by iBird, a remote control flapping-wing flying toy sold in Jusco. The objective is to develop a surveillance robot equipped with infrared camera that can have flapping-wing flying. The infrared camera is selected as it is like giving night vision to the robotic bird.

The iBird has no carrying capability with the polystyrene body, a new design with better material has to be done. A small CCD camera sensitive to infrared (IR) will be used as the sensor on board and a filter will be used to block the visible light. Since artificial intelligence and autopilot will be out of the scope of this final year project, the robot will be remotely controlled via Wiimote indirectly, which has been done by so many people.

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