Monday, 12 October 2009

Mac + iPod Discovery Week

Date: 9 October 2009 (Friday)

Venue: Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

I went to Mac + iPod Discovery Week mainly for the presentations on iPhone developer and education after receiving an invitation email from one of the presenter, Mr. Ahmad Sahar. He was the presenter in the iPhone Development Workshop I attended not long ago, the details are in this blog post.

Mr. Chris Hong's presentations were on "Resources to help you succeed as an iPhone developer" and "iPhone Developer Tech Talk - Detecting device location and acceleration movement". Most of the information is about Apple Developer Connection.

The one thing that I learned from his presentation is that the full documentations of XCode for the iPhone applications development have to be downloaded by clicking on the subscribe button.

Mr. Ahmad Sahar presentation was about "10 Reasons Why Macs in Education" and "Introduction to Apple Mobile Learning". A few free applications that I found very useful is Grapher, Dictionary and iChat for screen sharing.

It is kind of easy to produce nice graphs with Grapher for lecture notes and examination questions. No problem to draw linear, quadratic, cubic, trigonometric, exponential functions on top of each other, adjust the axis and label the graph.

It is so easy to search for the definition of a word by just typing the word into Spotlight (the search box at the top right corner). Results from Wikipedia also can be obtained easily by clicking on another tab.

The presentation on "Introduction to Apple Mobile Learning" was just the replay of the following video, about the use of iPhone for education in Abilene Christian University. It is about 20 minutes, too long to fit in one Youtube video.

I am a bit worry about the distractions of the always connected iPhone in the classrooms. Students may spend too much time on Facebook, IM, games etc instead of concentrating on the lectures.

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