Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Low Cost 3D Scanner and Virtual Reality 3D Viewer

"Low Cost 3D Scanner and Virtual Reality 3D Viewer" is the title for one of the proposed Final Year Project (FYP) for Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University Session 2009/2010. The project will be the integration of 2 separate parts.

First part is the "Input" part, a low cost 3D scanner based on laser scanning will be developed referred to this video:

A 532nm Green Laser Line Generators Module GLML-2 has already been acquired with USD19.95 (plus USD11.95 shipping fees). The software for the 3D scanning can be downloaded from DAVID 3D Scanner. Real objects such as electronic components will be scanned using the developed 3D laser scanner to produce a 3D object in COLLADA format. A prototype has already been developed.

The second part is the "Display" part, a 3D object browser software that can display the 3D object in COLLADA format in a virtual reality manner based on head tracking using infrared camera. This "Display" part is the enhancement from previous FYP: Virtual Reality Displays for E-learning which uses Wiimote as the infrared camera head tracking device. The main software components of the "Display" part are WiiFlash (for communications between Wiimote and Flash) and PaperVision3D (for 3D in Flash).

Since the prototype of both parts have already been developed, the basic part of the project can be finished in a very short time. Therefore enhancements have to be made to make this a viable Final Year Project. Some suggestions are:
1. Develop additional interaction with the 3D object such as connections between objects.
2. Integrate the program into a multi-touch wall display with Windows 7 Touch.
3. Develop a mobile 3D object viewer for iPhone or Android.
4. Integrate with 3D Stereo Display.

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Quite interesting to see how the 3D scanner is developed.

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