Friday, 8 May 2009

Robocon 2009 Malaysia Second Day

Date: 8 May 2009 (Friday)

Venue: Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

The results of MMU team look good after 2 games:

Team ROBOFORCE1 (Melaka Campus) in Group E:
- win PSA ROBOT with 100 marks
- win KKTM BP with 98 marks (1 violation)

Team ROBOFORCE2 (Melaka Campus) in Group M:
- win ROBOTECH2 with 100 marks
- win UTHM B with 100 marks

Team MMU CYBERJAYA in Group O:
- win UTMA with 100 marks
- win UMSB with 20 marks

How the marks are obtained can be referred in the video below (in Malay).

Schedule tomorrow on 9 May (Saturday):

Team MMU CYBERJAYA vs UMTECH 11:00 - 11:10am


Team ROBOFORCE2 vs ROBOSAS 2:20 - 2:30pm

More supporters should be there to cheer on their favourite teams.


Unknown said...

do you know time of the fastest lap? 1MIN?

Unknown said...

The one I know is a few seconds less than 1 minute

Awang Shahrin Afwan Awang Tahir said...

Hi.. I'm from UTP... I was really interested to learn about robotics stuff from ur team... Can u give me ur personal hp no or ur students so that we can share knowledge in the future.. Thank you..

-Awang Shahrin Afwan B Ag Tahir
EE 2nd year

Unknown said...

I am not directly related to the Robocon team in MMU. I was just a regular spectator in the competition.

I do know the team advisers and some of the students in the team. I can refer to them if you need some answers, hopefully they will not keep it as secret.

Awang Shahrin Afwan Awang Tahir said...

Congrats to MMU Roboforce1... Please Do well in Japan... We'll be supporting You all... Thanks for a good match spirit that you all show..