Sunday, 17 May 2009

Robocon 2009 Malaysia Final

Date: 10 May 2009 (Sunday)

Venue: Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

The single elimination phase of the competition started at 9am with 16 teams. All 3 teams from Multimedia University (MMU) which are ROBOFORCE 1, ROBOFORCE 2 and MMU CYBERJAYA have no problem advanced into the next round.

Quarter-final (8 teams) was where the excitements began. It was a pity that the match between ROBOFORCE 2 and MMU CYBERJAYA was that early. MMU CYBERJAYA as an underdog in the game really surprised most of us from MMU Cyberjaya Campus. You can see the outcome in the video below.

After the game, I already expected the final will be between ROBOFORCE 1 vs MMU CYBERJAYA and it will be too tough for MMU CYBERJAYA to create another surprise due to the sub-minute completion time of ROBOFORCE 1.

The final results:

1st place: ROBOFORCE 1 (MMU Melaka)

2nd place: MMU CYBERJAYA

Congratulations to both teams and hopefully they will be able to further improve their robots.

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