Thursday, 26 March 2009

My first Photosynth

Photosynth has the ability to reconstruct the scene or object (mostly in 3D) from a bunch of flat photographs. It also brings this 3D experience to virtually anyone over the Internet. I give high hope to this kind of technology to enhance a lot of applications, such as virtual tourism, E-learning etc.

My first Photosynth shown above comprised of 58 10-megapixel photos of A Famosa in Melaka and the whole process has taken roughly one and a half hour for me. The best way to experience the 3D effect is to drag slightly to left or right the white semi transparent donut appeared in the middle. Another easy way is just clicking the play button (small white triangle at top right) for slideshow. You can press "P" to toggle between different modes, the point cloud mode looks very sci-fi.

Below is the TED talk about Photosynth and Deep Zoom technology (formerly Seadragon) heavily used in Photosynth.


Ashraf said...

Nice, that looks pretty neat! Do you plan to do more photosynth stuff?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I would like to do more. In my opinion, photosynths of well-known public places / tourist attractions are more meaningful. So I will do more photosynths in my next trip to somewhere but now no planning yet.