Monday, 16 February 2009

17" LCD Multi-Touch from AlexTan, Johor, Malaysia

The 17" LCD Multi-Touch Screen was built by AlexTan from Johor, Malaysia. As a Malaysian, I am impressed and kind of proud of him.

More details in NUI Group.


AlexTan said...

Thanks for putting this in your blog, really appreciated, actually you can do it too and I believe you :)
Malaysia Boleh!

H.A said...

there is malaysian company doing multi touch screens, tables and walls.
the name is Smart Surface Sdn Bhd
they do it in malaysia hardware and software. i visit their office really smart guys and have great technology

Unknown said...

Yeah, a friend of mine went to ITEX 2009 and then showed me the video he captured of the Smart Surface Sdn. Bhd. multi-touch tabletop. I would like to know the retail price for the Large SmartTable they produced.

The reason I am impressed with Alex is because he seems to do it all by himself and he was not using projector but LCD screen, which in my opinion is more challenging technically.