Monday, 22 December 2008

Enhanced Teaching Using Low Cost Wiimote Based Interactive Whiteboard

A paper in International Conference on Science and Technology (ICSTIE 2008), 12 - 13 December 2008, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia (The conference website is no longer alive).

Authors: WJYap and SNCheong

Abstract: The teaching of most subjects in higher educational institutions in Malaysia involves the use of a projector to project the teaching materials to a large screen and regular whiteboard for additional handwriting materials. This configuration is not convenient as teacher has to be constantly moving between two different locations. Teacher has to be next to a computer to control the navigation of the presentation which is away from the whiteboard. Teacher has to move to whiteboards for additional writing or drawing. These constant movements will either disrupt the flow of teaching or discourage teacher from using handwriting. An interactive whiteboard will solve the problem as teacher can control the presentation software by directly clicking on it. Teacher will be able to draw or write on interactive whiteboard digitally just like regular whiteboard. Other advantages of using an interactive whiteboard are annotations such as underlines can be added directly into presentation and all handwriting materials can be saved and retrieved at a later time. The high cost of the current touch screen interactive whiteboard however prevents its deployment in higher educational institutions in Malaysia. The current paper describes a low cost method to deploy an interactive whiteboard in current teaching environment which already has a desktop computer and a projector. The method is based on the capability of a Wiimote which contains a high quality infrared camera to accurately track sources of infrared light continuously. Wiimote or Wii Remote is the wireless controller for Nintendo’s Wii console and it is a common Wii accessory that can be bought easily below RM250. The system design of the Wiimote based low cost interactive whiteboard and its implementation in Multimedia University is discussed.

I would like to acknowledge Mr. Randall Chuah for his help in the research especially in constructing the IR LED pen.

Full paper can be obtained from here.

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