Wednesday, 24 September 2008

First Android Phone G1 Officially Out!

The screen is 3.17" 65K colour touch screen that runs in HVGA (480×320), more than enough for me as my current Glofiish M700 only has 2.8" screen.

The camera is 3.1 Mega pixel, but there is no built-in flash and I am not sure how good is the lens. Mega pixel really means nothing if all other aspects are lousy.

GPS is included but I need the information on the time to first fix and if there is an additional software to download data from the internet to help reduce the time to first fix.

EDIT: The specifications can be found here.

Below is the demo video in the new phone.

Since I heavily use GMail, regularly use Google Calender and Google Talk, occasionally use Google Map, I would really like to try the phone. However I see no sign of Google Doc and Google Reader, the other two Google applications that I use a lot.

Additional demo video:

and the following includes the demo of Street View, which I think will be available for Malaysia only in a very distant future.

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