Thursday, 28 August 2008

RMVB Hardware Player

Some videos are in RMVB (Real Media Variable Bitrate) format due to the high compression rate of the format. In order to watch RMVB videos in TV, the RMVB files need to be converted to either DVD (watched using the normal DVD player) or AVI (watched with the DivX/XVid player). The conversion is not always error free and takes quite a long time. I have long been waiting for such hardware player and now it is finally available.

The original news is in Sin Chew Metro Edition and this is the Google Translate version.

The company selling the player is Hong Kong Video (HKV) at Sungei Wang Plaza first floor (phone: 03-21458633). I have called them and found out that the current discounted retail price for the player is RM299 (as of 28 August 2008, the original price is RM368), which is quite reasonable as they need to pay the extra licensing fees for RMVB decoder, which is a proprietary technology.

I however disagree with their claim that it will replace the DVD player. This RMVB player can only compliment the DVD player as it does not read CD/DVD, its only input is either a thumb drive or a removable HD or a memory card (not sure what type, probably SD).


yowsing said...

i believe it is just a matter of time where the player will come with the cd/dvd reader. after all it is not that difficult to mount the reader. therefore i believe when this player has reach the mature state, dvd player will be out of the market slowly.
Having this player on sales, it just mean that illegal download will start to reach its top level in this asia region as well.... a bad news for those movie provider or any business related to it...

May said...

Hi WenJiun,
Did u buy the player? or did u try to play movie by using it? how is it? any shortcoming? and Is it worth to buy?