Monday, 23 June 2008

Futuristic User Interface

Touch screens have became increasingly popular with more touch screen mobile devices such as Pocket PC phones and tablet PC getting into the market. We used to need a stylus as the touch screen input device but recently finger as the input device has been populated by iPhone and many more smart phones mimicking the iPhone. The latest Windows 7 is suppose to support the multi-touch capability which of course gives more interaction as shown in the video above. Another multi-touch touch screen can be found in Microsoft surface computing coded name Milan.

One of my Final Year Project "E-learning with Futuristic User Interface" will also intend to develop a multi-touch user interface, but not as a touch screen but more like the user interface we saw in the movie "Minority Report". It will utilized the simultaneous tracking of infra red source in the Wii Remote just like what the guy did in the video below.

Imagine you can virtually rotate the Google Earth just using your hand!

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