Thursday, 5 June 2008

Can a water rocket launch a CanSat up into at least 100m?

After watching the above video, I am quite confident that a water rocket can launch a CanSat with a weight of 350g up into at least 100m. CanSat stands for can-size satellite and all basic functions of a satellite, such as those of power and communications are fitted into a soda can. Malaysian Space Agency organized the SiswaSat (literally means CanSat for undergraduates) competition which only launched a CanSat into 150m using Helium balloon.

Water rocket is used in a previous FYP project, Remote Sensing with Water Rocket. It is not very successful as the maximum altitude obtained is not encouraging. The reasons are:
1. The pressure built-up inside the water rocket is too low as not to explode the ordinary mineral water bottle.
2. The volume of the water rocket is also low. We did not add volume as the altitude is worse due to larger weight.

gk123434534 provides quite a number of videos on water rocket including the one shown above. The water rockets are discussed in Air Command Water Rocket. The Construction - Advanced section should provide the solution to build a strong and efficient water rocket.

All references:
Air Command Water Rocket

Millard West High School Water Bottle Rocket Project

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Water Rocket Simulator

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Unknown said...

You need to look at U.S. Water Rockets from because they really have their act together. I saw them on youtube and was impressed. I think they could help you find a way to get your cansat up real high. They have the world record water rocket flight which is over 600 meters and carried a camera too. Replace camera with cansat and you are in orbit! I don't know their email address but they hang out at and yahoos water rocket group. Good luck!