Thursday, 22 May 2008

Mobile Facebook and Flickr

Recently Maxis has a few TV advertisements on Mobile Internet including Facebook and Flickr. Maxis users are supposed to access these services through some kind of 3G Portal. I do not understand what is so special about this as users from other Telco such as Celcom and Digi will have no problem access these services as long as their mobile phone has a web browser such as Opera Mini with the ability to connect to Internet through either Wifi or GPRS/UMTS(3G)/HSDPA. Celcom and Digi can also create the links to these services in their portals and promote their 3G service the same approach.

The mobile Facebook site has very limited functions and all additional applications are not shown at all. The most useful function for me is to update the status update as I can always broadcast my whereabouts even I am constantly on the move. Other information available are friends' status, upcoming events, news feed, photos of friends and the search function.

There are two methods I can access Flickr using my Pocket PC Phone. One of the method is using the normal web browser.

Another method is to use Yahoo! Go. My Glofiish M700 only supports Yahoo! Go 2.0 and not the latest 3.0. Flickr is one of the tab in Yahoo! Go and other tabs include weather, sports, Yahoo mails etc.

Using either method, I am able to upload photos captured in my phone, search for photos, view photos and give comments.

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