Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld 2008

There is a coverage of the Macworld 2008 in ZDNet.

The first thing I am interested is a chart showing the U.S. SmartPhone market share:

RIM (Research In Motion) with its BlackBerry: 39.0%
Apple with its Iphone: 19.5%
Palm with its Treo: 9.8%
Motorola: 7.4%
Nokia: 3.1%
Others: 21.2%

I wonder what it is like in Malaysia. The RIM definitely will not be in the top as BlackBerry seems to be not so popular here and I only see Celcom promoting it. Nokia and Sony Ericsson should be at the top in Malaysia. I am also wonder will Palm still survive in the Market as its PalmOS is slowly being forgotten and by going into Windows Mobile, how will Palm compete with all the existing WM giants.

MacBook Air is being demoed. The only thing concern me is the progress on environmental issue. MacBook Air has an all aluminum case (recyclable), first mercury free display, arsenic free glass and packaging is 50% smaller. I really hope this will be the trends for all other electronic devices, large or small.

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