Thursday, 27 December 2007

My Palm Tungsten T5 is dead

I have been using my PDA the Palm Tungsten T5 since Chinese New Year of 2005 and now it is finally dead. It is extremely difficult to on it through reset and even though it sometimes can be powered on but it will freeze very soon. Once the screen is freeze pressing reset will shut it off again.

I have called to Palm Toll Free (1800-88-3649) and the technician asked me to charge it for 10 minutes and press the reset and if it is still not working charge for another 4-5 hours and press reset. According to him this is called charging reset and sometimes it is able to revive a dead Tungsten. It is definitely not working for me. So the only option I have now is to replace the device which cost USD125. If I compare USD125 (about RM410) to the price I paid for my T5 (RM1399) it sure seems to be a good deal. However I am thinking of getting a totally new device, not only a PDA but a PDA phone.

I am so used to the functions of my PDA such as alarm clocks, calender, English-English dictionary, English-Chinese dictionary, MP3 player, podcast player and memo as notepad. I really need to get a replacement very soon before I miss any meeting. It is now so bored to drive to work. I am now looking for promotional PDA phone and the one catch my eyes is Glofiish M700, a product from Eten Taiwan. I try to read as much reviews and comments and hope to get one before 2008.

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