Sunday, 30 December 2007

Finally obtain a Glofiish M700 Pocket PC Phone

I bought the M700 from PDA Expect and it costs me RM1399. The package includes the standard package of a Pocket PC phone, a stylus, a battery, a leather case, a headset, an AC adapter, a USB sync cable, an installation CD (ActiveSync, User Manual) and a quick start guide. Additional items are another stylus, another battery, a better screen protector and a 1 GB microSD card. There is already a screen protector provided in the standard package but according to the sales person it is not scratch free.

The reason I choose the Glofiish M700 is a combination of Wifi, GPS, QWERT keyboard, FM tuner all in one reasonable priced device. Some of the shortcomings are the 2.8 inch screen and the lack of 3G. My dead Palm Tungsten T5 has a screen size of 3.7 inch and I really miss that. The lack of 3G is not a problem now as the cost of accessing data through 3G is still seems very high for me. In future if the cost of using 3G drops significantly then I may regret buying the Glofiish M700.

Using the precharged battery I only able to test the MapKing, a GPS navigation software and the FM tuner before I need to charge the battery for 8 hours. There is no problem using the software to guide me from Carrefour Kepong back to my house. The reception of the FM tuner is however not as strong as a normal radio.

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